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Rhonda is extremely thrilled to have Happy Healthy Women as part of her path~ she loves nothing more than to help women stand in their power & truth and become the best that they can be. 

High Priestess Lady Rose, as she is known in the metaphysical and magical worlds~ a Master Tarot Reader and 9th Degree Reiki Crystal Grandmaster Healer.  She is the oldest of 7 children and mother of 2 and grandmother twice over.  She is a Mohawk of the Iroquois Nation of the Bear Clan.  

She started her first business a Spa business in her living room in Kingston and grew it to the third largest Spa in Kingston with a staff of over 20 estheticians, makeup artists, hair stylists, yoga teachers, belly dance teachers and more!  She loved helping women find their beauty and strength ~ a turning came when Rhonda was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 ~ she sadly shut her Spa doors and knew it was time to focus on herself and go to battle with this cancer and battle she did!  After this she went into a more spiritual realm and once again her focus became helping women find their power and strength.  She says her job is to fall in love with your Soul and then show you just how beautiful you are! 

She has built her second business Rhonda's Fairy Tale Parlor to a world wide audience ~ with clients everywhere across Canada, the United States, South America and Europe.  Her flagship program however is her HEAP of Abundance Course ~ (HEAP stands for Happily Ever After Program)  Rhonda is a certified Fairyologist (yes that's a thing) and Fairy Tale expert.  There are deep secrets and codes in the Fairy Tales and she uses this ancient wisdom and her Goddess Native Shamanism to bring people the healing that they need.  As a certified Life Coach Rhonda uses HEAP of Abundance to help people release their blocks in life and bring the energy and power of abundance, success and bliss into their lives.  On the river of life she won't just show how to manage the rough waters ~ she'll show how to pick that river up and move it to whatever place of destiny you want it to go.  You can find her on Facebook ~ Rhonda's Fairy Tale Parlor to book a Tarot Reading or Healing or HEAP Session.  You can also see her at www.rhondagilbert.ca 

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