Carla Berquo

Carla is an International Independent Beauty Guide with LimeLife by Alcone. All-natural, vegan based skincare and professional-grade makeup. 

LimeLife’s products are for everyone who believe their skin is an investment. They feel empowered by the products they use. They feel beautiful and confident in their own bodies. They believe that using professional grade makeup isn’t copying a trend, it is about having the best possible tools to create a look that is 100% them! They feel strongly about leaping bunny certified cruelty free, vegan and all-natural products. They trust they are using formulas sourced with integrity.

Most importantly, Carla feels proud to be part of a community made up of an incredibly diverse group of people with one very important goal in common: “to empower themselves and others”. Through the Brighter Together Foundation they have already helped over 13,000 female entrepreneurs become leaders in their communities, around the world. In addition, the FEMPIRE Fund builds an investment fund for four to five businesses whose mission is female empowerment. Above all, none of us is as strong as all of us. 

Be yourself, be relatable, be imperfect – The Power in Empowerment!

To learn more about LimeLife by Alcone visit:

IG @beauty_by_carlab
Mobile: +1 519 546 1233