Josie LoPorto Freeborn

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Over the years Josie has worn many hats. Some of her most passionate roles have been: Yoga and Meditation Guide, Sales Associate, Aesthetician, Reflexologist, Parent Volunteer, Scout Leader, Girl Guide Leader, to name a few. These roles have shaped who she is and what she does now.

In addition to continually assisting others in these areas in consulting and supportive roles, Josie is a wife, mother of two amazing children and an active Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Integrative Wellness Advocate, and Essential Oil Educator. She enjoys going to the park with her family, painting and crafting, and cooking healthy meals. Josie has a passion for life and takes every opportunity to share that passion every day.

Through her work, she has been able to introduce numerous people to a world of
holistic wellness through the use of hands on techniques, bio-available supplements, and essential oils...Oh and let's not forget about the skin care...after all she is also a trained Aesthetician. Josie does her hands on work from Fringe Theory by appointment on Friday’s only and offers personalized lifestyle overview consultations the rest of the time.

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