Renee Pilgrim

Renee Pilgrim R.TCMP is a Wellness Transformation Agent also known as the Transformaven. After over twenty years of learning to heal through physical and emotional challenges she became an Acupuncturist, TCM Practitioner and now an agent of change.

Renee works with people feeling stressed, secluded and scattered from the day to day of work/life imbalance to find clarity, confidence and courage to become a new version of themselves.

She is most passionate about the dynamics of yin and yang and opportunities we have to grow and renew.

Just over a year ago Renee woke up early on a Friday to meet with Kandice-Lee Doucette and a whole group of amazing women for coffee. It sparked a love of reconnecting again, as a sole practitioner she had spent the last ten years working in isolation. Connecting with Happy Healthy Women has been so enriching and inspiring. Becoming a Trailblazer gives me the opportunity to give back and reach out to more women who may be feeling isolated and in need of an empowered entrepreneurial community.

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