Pat Birnie

Life Mentoring

 With a passion for life & health that never quits, Pat Birnie has made her mark as a late-blooming entrepreneur inspiring others to greatness. If you have ever doubted your ability to live the life of your dreams, Pat can help you blow those doubts away. She has never allowed the obstacles life brings to prevent her from pursuing her dreams. Her can-do attitude and commitment to aging with vitality will inspire and empower you to make *You* the #1 priority. 

Thirty + years in the corporate world lead to a journey of entrepreneurship fueled by a desire to make a difference in the lives of everyone she comes in contact with. In the past years she has created a life without limits, travelling the globe while enjoying multiple residual streams of income. This includes 20 marathons, including Boston, Athens, Dublin & Reyjkavik! If you feel like there is more to life and want to start dreaming BIG, Pat can help you find your way. Don’t spend your life thinking “I’ll do it later”…tomorrow is not a date! Time is the only limit we cannot change on this earth. Start now to dream big and know that there is vast abundance available to each of us – the only requirement is to believe and dream big! 

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