2020 VISION: Clarity is Power (Workshop Series - HHW North York)
February 25 2020 19:00

2020 Vision: Clarity is power Do you feel lost and confused about where you’re going in life? Then creating a roadmap to get to where you want to be in your life is invaluable. Whether it’s your work, career, health, relationships or finances, one of the most important tasks to reaching your goals is actually having a clear idea of what you want and a plan to how to get there. This workshop series is designed to help you find clarity to understanding what you want in your life that aligns with who you are. Using your intuition to guide you, discover your passions, boundaries and limitations, so you can get creative in designing your life. Bring a notebook or journal, as well as pencil crayons, colour pens or highlighters. By the end of this workshop series you’ll have a set of tools to help you create your own roadmap and a notebook filled with your personal knowledge to understand how you can hack into yourself to make your life work the way you want for you. INTUITION: “Know Thyself” Feb. 4, 2020 It’s my view that one of life’s never-ending work is to reclaim our intuition as our birthright. In doing so you’ll understand and know who you are and what makes you happy. In this workshop we’ll use muscle testing as a tool to practice tapping into your intuition. We’ll explore ways of connecting with your intuition through your bodies, emotions, dreams, signs and omens, and Angels and guides. As well as whether numerology, astrology, and personality types are useful tools. PASSION & PURPOSE: “ To Thyself Be True” Feb. 11, 2020 Identifying your talents and gifts. There is a thread or theme that runs through your life that reflects what gives you meaning in the way you serve others with your unique abilities. You’re born with certain qualities and your own tendencies or desires to develop certain skills. See if you can find the thread that gives you meaning in your life. Look for connections of events that stand out in your memory. Find your heart centred emotions. Purpose can also be found in your painful life experiences. Passion + Purpose ➡️ Action BOUNDARIES Feb. 18, 2020 Boundaries are imaginary lines we’ve drawn or not drawn that’s serving us or not. Identify what you’re protecting or not protecting. What are you’re letting in and what you’re keeping out? Clear boundaries help you to know what and who to give your time to. Understanding consent and choice. Do you know your intentions? Can you tell other people’s intentions? What is it that you want to keep sacred and integral? When you answer these questions, you’ll be clearer to prioritize and safeguard what’s important for you to focus your time and energy on. LIMITATIONS Feb. 25, 2020 Money, Time, Energy and Beliefs are real and imagined limitations that keep us from getting what we want. They hinder us from being able to make decisions that move us forward. We’ll discuss each of these and then focus on money. Money is energy. How do we translate our gifts, talents and knowledge into tangible things? What’s your currency and relationship with money? What are your beliefs around money? Where is your wealth thermostat set at? Cost: You can drop in on any one of the sessions. If you attend 2-4 sessions it’s $80. You’re welcome to repeat them again if there‘s space. Presenter: Dr. Yendre Shen is a naturopathic doctor and Bowen therapist, who helps people recover from ailments by establishing healthy life habits and using natural medicines and therapies. She’s been practicing for 18 years and has treated many conditions, from allergies to cancer. She helps people sort out the confusion they feel about their bodies and symptoms. The body speaks to us through pain, whether physical or emotional, when it wants our attention. Identifying what needs to change for the person to be healthy is where deeper healing can begin. She helps people regain their confidence to listen to their bodies and trust their intuition to know what’s best for them; to make good decisions.