DIY Clean Living Workshop - Meal Prep Tips - Etobicoke

5251 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M9B 1B2

Making Clean living practical with sharing ideas on meal planning and meal prep!!

How to start a new Habit of Meal planning and Meal prep.
Like planning and prepping your week's worth of meals in a couple of hours

Eating the proper food at the right times with the right portions goes hand in hand with staying in motion, be active and getting your heart rate up!

I have Practical applications to apply to your everyday.
I share will be sharing our tips and tricks!
We will talk about how planning your meals releases stress and waste.
How meal planning and prep helps you save on money and time.

I will provide you with a Meal planning template and we will spend time creating your own Meal Plan and grocery list!

Adding action to your goal to bring more self-love and ease into your kitchen and meals!

*Please note*

~ We do ask that everyone purchase a beverage at minimum to support the venue.

Starbucks on the southeast corner of Dundas and Aukland - closest to Kipling