Ease the Burden of Anxiety - KITCHENER

1151 Victoria Street North, Kitchener, ON N2B 3C8

* Is anxiety often getting in the way of you showing up 100% in your life and in your business?

* Does it affect how you present yourself "out there", in promotional and networking events, on social media, when interacting with potential clients and acquaintances?

* Do you avoid certain events for fear of being judged, discovered as a "fraud" (aka impostor syndrome), or not having the bandwidth to deal with situations?

* Are there common triggers that send you for an anxious tailspin (money, relationships, health, acquiring clientele?)

So many of us go through these emotions, and you are not alone! Sometimes freeing yourself from anxiety completely is very difficult, but with proper guidance and tools it can be easy to learn how to live with it in very diminished degree and to control it's grip on your wellbeing.

This interactive workshop will teach you numerous techniques from diverse fields to control your anxiety. Exchange experiences with others who have gone through what you are going through, discuss various approaches to lessening the burden this mood disorder has on you.

Life (and business) doesn't have to be so difficult, so come and free yourself from anxiety's grip.

About the facilitator:
Seva-Ram Spronk is a life coach, Reiki practitioner and Kundalini Yoga teacher, which is what ultimately lead her to freeing herself from many limiting paradigms of thinking and mood disorders, and put her on the path of helping others to do the same.
Throughout her life, she struggled with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. As she embarked on her healing journey, she engaged in, researched, and used many healing modalities to help her. She will share her tried, tested and true ways of mood management, from science-based traditional approaches, through self-administered energy treatments, to extremely effective yogic practices.