Mini Urban Retreats
March 15 2020 12:00

Enjoy time with yourself in community. Make room in your body, ease your mind, integrate space and wholeness. This 3 hour meditation and yin yoga series is designed to take you into a deep space of self. Yin yoga helps stretch the fascia, helps relieve tension in the deep muscles, helps irrigate the internal organs and bring stillness to the nervous system! Sitting in meditation assists us in finding calm and balance in our busy lives. For anyone struggling with body pain. For anyone struggling with anxiety. For anyone rushing through the world without time to connect. This series or the individual classes are for you!! I like to tell people that essentially we come into a cool dim space, we build a cozy nest and roll around. The spaces are limited to 10 people so we all have ample room. Our class sizes will be kept small so we will be able to create a cozy nest for ourselves as we release into the experience. About the Leader: Renee’s Yin Yoga and Mediation sessions come out of a passion for connecting ourselves to our bodies, opening our hearts and turning the mind toward empowered awareness. Through years of a Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture practice Renee has learned to pay attention to the deeper qualities of joy and suffering and observe how they manifest. She developed these mini retreats so we could have the time to reach deeper into our own essence. Finding our strengths, own our weaknesses and surrendering to the universal love that holds us all steady on the path if we allow.