Sacred Women's Circle - Toronto East
September 07 2019 16:00

Craving more intimate community with women? Come out to the our monthly women's circle in The Toronto Beaches.Gathering with women is so fun - we know this, and there is also a time to gather with women for a more conscious or spiritual purpose.The purpose of our monthly gathering is to hold a safe container to reflect, release and renew our commitment to our personal growth.We are meeting in a beautiful sacred space and the intention is to allow ourselves to be. There is no pressure to share unless you choose to, we only ask that you hold the space for others to share.We begin with a meditation and music, gathered in a circle. We have a topic for discussion and an activity to support the discussion.This circle is facilitated by Michele Fournier who has worked with women for many years as a Holistic Therapist and Spiritual Councillor.