Wisdom of Depression - Toronto Central
December 03 2019 19:15

As the blackness of depression roles in we are often struck with panic to get rid of or move from this state of being.  Feelings of hopelessness and lethargy wash over us and life ceases to have joy, hope or expansion. Depression can come in bouts or it may linger in one’s life like blanketed feeling.  Some people may not know that they are depressed, they just think this is normal.   Although the feeling of depression has commonalities, the cause or root of depression is unique to each person.  That is why for some medications work, for other therapy, diet and exercise help to resolve the feeling, and for some nothing works. Depression is a smart disease and once it has dug its heals in it can be very persistent.  Often depression with its feeling of hopelessness hinders people from seeking the support and help they need to recover and that is why it is advised that people seek medical attention after just 2 weeks of feeling depressed on a consistent basis! Did you know that “..there hasn’t been a major depression-drug break through in nearly three decades….and that suicides are at their highest rate in 30 years (U.S. stats)!”  Time Magazine 2018. In my seminar, we will explore depression from many new vantage points combining psychotherapy, imagery, dreams and body movement/exercises to begin to glean the wisdom in depression.   This workshop would also be of great interest to those who live with family or friends who are challenged by depression. About your Host:As a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Ann Schnurr works with a wide range of approaches which enable a client to understand their personal dynamic in the challenges they face and to gain a deeper sense of themselves. Her approach is client-centred, respectful, confidential and empathic - this is the client’s journey, to which she offers trained insight and guided exploration. During session work with Ann, the client gains a new understanding of their life patterns allowing them to grow and form new responses and connections to others. The therapeutic goal is for a client to enter into a life-long dialogue and awareness with themselves so that, after formal therapy has ended, they may continue to make healthy life choices.https://www.cpebpsychotherapy.ca/workshops/