Cheryl Hiebert

Wellness & Personal Growth Coach

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Cheryl is a Certified Wellness and Personal Growth Coach, and can help you learn to follow your life’s bliss and acquire the ever-elusive inner calm you desperately yearn for. Cheryl's ultimate goal is to inspire a wellness movement. Providing an encouraging, guiding light, she promotes living who we are at our best, living authentically and in alignment with our values. Her works centers on having more ease in our lives and teaches the benefits of self-healing. Cheryl carries out a diverse range of health and wellness healing workshops, which are all ripe for fiery inspiration, self- enlightenment and personal progress. She provides personal sessions, workshops and retreats, both within and outside the city of Kingston. As a speaker and author, she shares wisdom and teachings to a broader audience through her books; writing for several publications and as an expert for several wellness panels, blogs and websites.

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