Teri Towner

City Councillor

Teri Towner is deeply involved in her community – often referred to as a community enthusiast, a community champion. She gets energized by taking action, by making a difference, by providing others with fulfilling opportunities to give back; to be involved. Her involvement includes many facets of community life, including that of first-term City Councillor –a “community-minded elected official”. 

Because of Teri’s extensive involvement in community undertakings, including her first 4-year term as a Coquitlam City Councillor, she has an awareness of challenges, opportunities and needs – facing the community of Coquitlam. This awareness motivates her to lead change by harnessing the energy and desire of others looking to give back. She regularly communicates needs and provides meaningful opportunities for others to be involved in their community. Teri thrives on encouraging others to support a cause; a common goal; and to make a difference.

Teri has received awards and commendation for her community leadership and for the numerous volunteer initiatives she has spearheaded. Some examples include school breakfast programs, outreach to the homeless, leading a running clinic, projects for the food bank, assisting refugees and installing little free libraries.

As an active member of HHW branch in Coquitlam since January 2018, Teri is enthusiastic about empowering women who want to be engaged in their community, she has found her tribe with HHW! One of Teri’s main focus is to see more women involved in their local government. By supporting women wanting to pursue roles in local government, she shares her experiences and connections to help others overcome barriers – real or perceived – to seek roles in leadership capacities.

Teri loves her city of Coquitlam! Loves her community and the people in it and knows how strong the ripple effect is when just one person or group takes action. As a Trailblazer for HHW, Teri looks forward to holding events, sparking discussion on how other women can contribute to a positive and fulfilling ripple effect in the community. 

To learn more about Teri visit:  www.teritowner.ca