Gaelle Sage

Wellness Advocate

Gaelle is a 42 year old, mother of two and wife of one. She is originally from France but has lived and travelled all over the world. She moved to Canada 9 years ago and now calls it home. 
Gaelle started as an entrepreneur 18 years ago when her first child was born. She did great in the IT service industry for years, running an IT Consulting company with her husband for 8 years. Gaelle says, “After the sale of the company in 2013 I needed a break. I had a hard time recovering from the exhaustion accumulated through the last few years, and most of all I couldn’t figure out what was coming next”. Step by step and one small project at a time that’s how the SageOnEarth blog was born.

Gaelle is now a well-being advocate. She runs a blog about simple life and goals achievement. There’s a little bit of everything healthy, just like it should be in life. The motto is “Simplify - Refocus - Get Organized.” Gaelle has always done her best to take care of her family’s health naturally. Their many moves and changes of countries over the years made her manage on her own and become a self-taught practitioner for the three loves of her life.

She always tries to find a way to cure everything by adopting healthy habits, from yoga or meditation to essential oils, healthy food and many other tools. Her family has now adopted a vegan diet. “we do this first for our health. But we like to say that we are 98% vegan only. We have some little treats on rare occasions. Nothing could keep me forever from a good croissant!” Gaelle is not a vegan advocate but clearly a healthy lifestyle one.

Her ultimate project is to create an online school to help busy, devoted moms get their life back on track, achieve their dreams and work on their own projects. Gaelle thinks that no one more than an exhausted mom needs gentle self-paced help to bring back some self-care habits and motivation, whether physically or mentally. “As a mom, the last thing I could think of when I felt lost, was hiring a life coach. I didn't believe I was worth the expense, time and energy a personal coach required.” E-courses are the first step to start from scratch before flying solo or hiring a life or business coach.”

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