Jennie Szwedo


Jennie Szwedo is a Pre and Postnatal Pilates Trainer, Core and Pelvic Floor Training Specialist, Body Ready Method Instructor, and Barefoot Training Specialist.  In 2019 she began her journey as an entrepreneur and business owner, opening Corefidence.  Through Corefidence, Jennie offers services that help women feel stronger, more connected and confident in their bodies with a special emphasis on Core Function and Pelvic Health.  Jennie wants all women to feel empowered, knowing symptoms of core and pelvic floor dysfunction, such as incontinence, prolapse and low back pain are not inevitable and are highly treatable through movement and daily living strategies.  Corefidence Training takes a ground-up approach to Core and Pelvic Floor training by acknowledging the Core does not live in a vacuum and is connected to everything around it.  Therefore, it is important to assess and work to strengthen the entire body, bottom of the feet to the top of the head, as well as to look at outside influences, such as sleep, stress, diet and even footwear.

In June 2020, Jennie launched a new Corefidence Program – Corefident Bellies!

Corefident Bellies is an approach to prenatal health and fitness that is designed to help women feel strong, empowered and confident throughout their pregnancy journey.  By providing thorough assessments, movement strategies, education, and daily living tips, Corefident Bellies helps women alleviate unpleasant pregnancy symptoms and stack the cards in their favour to having the pregnancy, birth andrecovery they hope for and deserve.

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