Josephine Auciello

Josephine Carmela is a women’s empowerment & relationship coach, entrepreneur, author, mom of 2, and lover of life.  She supports women entrepreneurs to transform relationship blocks into breakthroughs that help them reach their dreams, while deeply embodying their feminine wisdom to create more beauteous, rich, & fulfilling lives. Josephine helps women redefine what’s possible for them in life, love, & business, turning the often serious struggles women face with their partners during times of deep personal transformation, into gifts that enlighten & empower both parties and the family to experience greater love, harmony,  grace & fulfillment. She works with women one-on-one, couples, and runs groups that empower the principles of conscious communication in relationship and teaches on the art of love & dynamics of masculine & feminine power.  

She’s on a mission to guide other women to overcome their blocks in love & business to live life to their fullest on their own terms!  She is devoted to helping every woman uncover her natural beauty wisdom, & purpose in a spirit of love. She is the founder of the Modern Love Project which focuses on the art of conscious relationships and Creator of ‘Feminology Workshop Series’ (Embodying our Fullest Potential As Modern Women)

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