Joy Marcotte

Lomilomi Practitioner & Kundalini Yoga Instructor


Joy is a Lomilomi Practitioner and a Kundalini Yoga Instructor. In this busy, beautiful, stressful world, she offers relief to the mind and body through massage, yoga, breathwork, meditation, and self-discovery processes.

Lomilomi is an ancient, Hawaiian healing massage that allows you to release trauma, stress and emotional blocks from your mind and body; returning you to a state of peace and harmony with your soul.

Joy offers private and group Kundalini Yoga instruction to boost your energy, strengthen your body, and experience your blissful, infinite Self. Joy also uses Yoga Nidra to relax your body and awaken your mind to tap into the mysteries of the Universe.

Joy holds space and honours everyone on their journey to peace, health and wholeness. As a Certified Life Coach, she offers processes of self-inquiry and self-discovery to bring awareness and healing to her clients. You can learn more about

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