Linda Lonseth M.Mus, B.Ed

Transformation Coach

Linda has been teaching high school Music, English, ESL, and Special Education and is now moving into her real passion: showing people how to develop their intuitive skills, transform emotional stresses with light, and open up connection with their Being (True Self) to live and create according to who they really are. This is empowering, life-changing, and blissfully peaceful. 

She does this in individual Transformation Coaching and Neurobalancing Bodywork, "Light Up Your Intuition" workshops, Helix Lightwork Certification, and On the Spectrum Transformation, a holistic program for parents and kids with ADHD and ASD/autism. 

Linda is the author of "The ADHD Brain...for non-scientists like me", available at She has also developed a 'roadmap' for getting real results with holistic and non-invasive neuro approaches to ADHD and ASD/autism, called "Holistic ADHD: Focus and Calm for Kids", available at and in online and Toronto seminars. Her experience in special education, along with her expertise in a variety of energy modalities, makes her uniquely qualified to help people be all that they are truly capable of being and doing.

Linda is founder of The Lightwork School, sharing personal and planetary lightwork techniques that she naturally accesses intuitively. Working with light began spontaneously in 2016, and she has led major planetary light revitalization meditations for both the planet and its people since then. 

As well as blissful lightwork of any kind, Linda loves walking in the forest, listening to water, improv singing, being with birds, cultivating gratitude, living intuitively, communicating beyond the five senses, being with kids of any age, and seeing people be happy and free! 

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