Lisa Booth

Lisa is a travel consultant located in the east end of Toronto and is very passionate about travel. She believes in sharing the opportunity for travel to all women, no matter their stage in life.

Though Lisa has long had an interest in travel, her journey into this field came about as a result of a travel buddy being unable to secure time off work; this led to her first adventure in solo travel. This singular event sparked her desire to share the love of travel with others.

In 2012 Lisa began working with both individuals and groups, endeavouring to bring her clients travel dreams to fruition. In addition to bringing the joy of travel to others, Lisa also has a love for volunteering, particularly at an English immersion program in Europe.

Whether they be solo travellers or members of a large group her goal is for her clients to travel beyond the ordinary. In 2019 Lisa was chosen as the Best Travel Agent by the readers of NOW Magazine!

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