Ashley-Ann Pereira

Ashley-Ann became present to life at the age of 19 which began her healing and personal growth journey! At a young age, she was innately destined to help and create space for people to express themselves, their emotions and their desires.

Her biggest challenge growing up was self-confidence and body image. In 2015, she decided it was time to share this deep, dark challenge in her first public speaking competition and the love for storytelling began there. Every new opportunity to be on stage she would choose a new challenge or lesson from her life - forgiving her father, her journey with grief and loss, and her moments of darkness. Ashley-Ann decided to take the next step and publish these lessons in her first book, The Key to Happiness: A Journey to Embracing My Story! 

Ashley-Ann has now transformed her book into an online experience, which is designed and intended to help women expand their self-awareness and show them a new perspective on the stories they've been telling themselves. She knows that when you can shift your thinking you can get out of your own way and step into living consciously and on purpose. Ashley-Ann has created a safe container in her online program for women to feel and release so that they can heal their mind, body, and soul and come into alignment with who they were meant to be. 

She is also a mentor for aspiring authors who want to share their story or teachings with the world!

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