Books & Apps on the Patio! - HHW Central & Downtown Book Club
December 10 2019 18:30

Have you ever gotten so caught up reading you forget to eat... leaving you ravenous by the time you look up from your book? We have too! So we've chosen a pub with lots of great snacks (half price apps!) To fill your belly while we chat about what we've read this month! July's book is The Colour of Love by Preethi Nair  August's Book is Beyond Soap by Dr. Sandy Skotnicki - The Real Truth About What You Are Doing to Your SKin and How to Fix It for a Beautiful Healthy Glow Pick up your copy now - my favorite spot it via the Library~ September's Book is High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard October's Book is Becoming by Michelle Obama November's Book is The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins Key Deets:$5 reserves your spot. Best practice is to also get a drink and/or app to further support the venue.Show Up! As per Woody Allen, 80% of success is simply showing up. Only cracking the spine now? Join us! We were all intrigued by some aspect of this event... honour your intuition and come even if you still have a few pages left... or the whole book...Book Club maxes out at 10 people - if you do decide to pass, let us know so we can open up a spot and share the app er, book love :)Bring Your Ideas! By showing up you get to decide on future reads! So if for some reason, any reason, you haven't been loving the selections - come out and suggest our new fav!