Amy Rempel

Certified Exercise Nutritional Advisor

Amy Rempel is married to her childhood crush Ben, is a busy mom with two kids and currently runs two businesses, one under her own name and the other called Gluten Free Consulting which trains the food service industry on how to properly serve and prepare gluten free food. She is an actress in her community and volunteers at her kids school. She has her degree in Communication Studies, is a Certified Exercise Nutritional Advisor, a best selling author of “I'm 30, Now What?” and currently waiting for her next book to come out (TBA). 

Amy is a well versed entrepreneur with 15 years of experience of either running or solely owning a business. She loves letting her creative juices flow when it comes to helping women with fresh new ways for growing their business. She also teaches and trains women who are looking for a change or looking to add a sustainable business model to their current company utilizing essential oils to further their purpose. 

Amy has a passion to help others achieve success with health and wealth by mentoring other like minded women. She believes in empowering women to take their business and journey to the next level through a thought out system for success. 

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