Helen Snell

Published Author, Speaker, Blogger, Health & Wellness Advocate

Helen is eager to bring her passion to the Brampton Happy Healthy Women group on all things healthy, and earth-friendly. She is a published author and speaker, a blogger, and an advocate for planet earth.

Helen’s passions align with her business in the like-minded family of Arbonne International. Helen uses this business model to educate people on healthy choices for their families in vegan skincare and nutrition, and show them the inspiring way she has connected her passion to her income. She believes strongly in guiding people to take small steps in the right direction for collective impact. Her efforts to provide the best of safe products for her own children quickly grew to want that for all children, growing her vision and her dreams. Her natural way of sharing and educating, combined with her compassion and understanding that everyone is on their own journey, allows her to gently influence lives around her.

Helen also provides editing and ghost-writing services in various formats including grant-writing, ghost-blogs, books, website content, and personal profiles. This feeds her creativity and offers a way to help others present themselves at their best in written word.

All these things revolve around her family of three children, too quickly advancing into adulthood. Her youngest, Tori, has provided Helen with a rare perspective of the world. Tori has Down Syndrome, and has brought Helen such joy in its’ simplest form. Although days are full there is a quieting of the soul, and an alignment to being fully present and experiencing gratitude through her daughter’s eyes. 

Helen’s audacious dreams include financing and working on ocean cleanup projects, developing a branch of her business for specials needs adults, and running a foster program for senior dogs. Research is underway now to open a plant-based B&B in Nova Scotia when the time is right for her family.

To learn more about Helen visit: http://www.arbonne.com/pws/helensnell/tabs/home.aspx