Jill Valentine

Co-Founder UGO Travel for Change, Transformative Travel Coach

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Jill Valentine is a co-founder of UGO Travel for Change where as a Transformative Travel Coach she uses her innovative approach of utilizing travel and volunteerism as powerful coaching tools to help her clients create powerful change within including clarity and sense of life purpose, while at the same time changing their world. Jill has also enjoyed coaching gap year students during their year of transition and growth as well as international humanitarian disaster response volunteers from around the globe. Prior to becoming a social entrepreneur, Jill poured her energy and passion into the non-profit sector for over 20 years at the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and ParaSport Ontario amongst other charities in the areas of event and volunteer management, fundraising, and community development. As an avid humanitarian Jill has volunteered thousands of hours of her time for over 30 different organizations both locally and abroad, most passionately within the disability sports arena in East Africa. Currently, Jill is the President of the Toronto Tornadoes ParaSport club, a board member of the Toronto Accessible Sports Council, promotes volunteerism for Volunteer Toronto and will be launching her book Dare to be a Dandelion as a fundraising tool in the fall of 2017. As an adventurer Jill has summited Kilimanjaro, cycled from Brussels to London, white water kayaked, and bungee jumped right into the Nile River - she is currently enjoying the incredible adventure of motherhood. 

To learn more about Jill visit: https://ugotravelforchange.com/