Let's Talk SUCCESS & Living the Life you Want! ~ Mississauga
November 13 2019 10:00

Are You Living The Life You Want? Join us for this informative discussion on how to do just that with Life and Success Coach, Marlene George! If you haven't met Marlene yet, she is such a beautiful, authentic, and wise woman with so much to share. I'm thrilled to have her guide us in this workshop and I know we'll all get some great takeaways to live the life that we want. Learn to feel more energized and healthy Learn to be more focused and clear about your goals Learn to feel happy and have hope Learn to create positive changes in your home and relationships Learn how to deal with those challenging people your life Learn to feel at ease and in charge of your life Learn that financial security and abundance is to everyone. If you ever felt like life is bringing you down because fear, anxiety, depression, money problems, anger bad luck, the easy techniques you'll learn from this workshop will help you stop feeling victimized and disappointed. The sky is the limit when you take charge your life and begin to attract all your dreams and into your experience. This can be done almost immediately! You'll learn practical skills to manifest all you want in your life through visualization and exercises and start feeling invigorated and as you begin to see changes in your work, home, health and relationships. *Please note* ~ This is a free event, however we do ask that everyone purchase a beverage at minimum to support the venue. ~ If you RSVP yes, and plans change, please take a moment to update your RSVP.