Lina Maria Aristizabal

Lina Maria is a life coach, well-being educator and productivity expert with a background in Positive Psychology, the scientific study of well-being and optimal functioning. She is passionate about the arts,  nature, building community, and authenticity.

Lina Maria was born and raised in Toronto. Her first degree was in Peace and Conflict Studies, as she wanted to find the most effective way to bring meaningful and positive social change to societies and the world. Through her studies, she came to feel that the best approach to social transformation would be through education; one that includes a broader range of skills, knowledge and awareness than what was being taught in most schools.

She completed her Bachelor of Education in 2012 and Masters in Education in 2016 while she was overseas teaching at international schools in Korea, Colombia and China. Each year Lina Maria became more interested in the latest research on how to best help students thrive, which led her to the field of positive psychology.

After seeing the transformative effect of applying positive psychology tools and knowledge in the classroom, she decided to pursue this new path of bringing these science-based tools to individuals, families, and organizations. She completed certificate programs in Applied Positive Psychology and Positive Education from The Flourishing Center in New York, and then trained as a life coach through their Applied Positive Psychology Coaching Program.

Lina Maria returned to Toronto in 2018 to design and live her best life. She loves her new profession where she is able to support clients to get unstuck, find clarity, and start moving toward their goals. Her best life also includes a number of creative pursuits including scriptwriting, collaging, ukulele playing and quality time with friends and family.

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