Lisa Petsinis

Life Coach and Holistic Career Coach


Lisa Petsinis is a certified coach who works with strong and resourceful women who are trying to do it all and losing themselves in the mix. She helps them to step into their power, unveil what they want faster and with greater ease, and create a purpose-driven life without chaos and guilt.

Lisa believes that every day is a chance to begin again, and if you have faith in yourself and have a clear vision for your future, you can accomplish anything. She’s on a mission to create more hope, confidence, joy, and success – and more women creating a life they truly love.

In 2016, Lisa had had her own turning point and left a 23-year career in HR leadership. She discovered what she was meant to do, and since then, she has offered individual life coaching and holistic career coaching services. Lisa is also a published writer, and many online publications have featured her work.


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