Nira Lall

Performance Coach


Nira is a Coach for Women. She uses deeply healing methodologies, leading-edge coaching tools, and the wisdom of ancient mysteries to help women overcome abandonment and self-worth issues so that they can thrive.

It’s the real life human journey through tremendous fear and uncertainty that led Nira to this work. At a point, Nira’s life was collapsing all around her. Her significant relationships were full of stress and her health was rapidly declining. As she worked with the dark aspects of her emotions, she began to awaken into her deepest personal power. This is what Nira draws from today in her work with clients. She believes and has seen first hand that each woman is a powerful conduit for manifesting anything into her life with the right focus, attention, and healing. It’s Nira’s mission to help women reclaim their self-worth, self-love, and wholeness so that they may be authentically fulfilled.

Nira’s own journey consists of an extensive formal education and experience including Master Practitioner certifications in Coaching, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnosis. She is also trained in New Decision Therapy, psychotherapy, brain spotting, energy therapies, and group facilitation.

Nira has been a featured guest on a number of talk shows and media outlets including Hay House Radio and Rogers TV. In her spare time, Nira can be found savoring an incredible latte, cuddling her son, or planning her next travel adventure.

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