Reneta Hadjianguelova

Has anyone ever encouraged you how to be the Real You? You and only You can do THAT. But even from early childhood most people are constantly discouraged to be their real, genuine, true self - not by intention, but by default.

Reneta helps you to change exactly THAT. She teaches people how to help themselves, to understand their subconscious mental programing and upgrade it in their mind by way of thinking their way into results.

She has spent many years in personal development, having a specialist degree in Psychology, and fortunate enough to work as a certified PGI consultant with the world famous Bob Proctor, the grandfather of the personal development industry, who is her current mentor.  She trains and studies his proven processes for success.

Reneta was once asked a question by Bob Proctor, “What do you really, really want?” She couldn’t initially answer that question anywhere close to her own satisfaction. What he said next, is what really woke her up. He said “I don’t believe that people don’t know what they want, they know very well exactly what they want – they are just denying it to themselves.” At that moment Reneta decided that this is not going to be her anymore, that she knows exactly what she wants out of life, and she will stop denying it to herself. At that moment, right then and there, is when the rest of her life started all over again!

Reneta was not only going to live her life to the fullest, but also help and teach people to be their own “true self”, to awaken anything their heart desires - true love, success, health and happiness, and to make it possible to define, achieve and experience our own perfectly real Happily Ever After Now.

Reneta has turned this into her mission to bring this success psychology to people and families, to business professionals and people from all walks of life so they can create happier, healthier and more abundant lives.

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