Rosanna Gentile

Business Clarity and Strategy Coach

Rosanna Gentile is a Business Clarity and Strategy Coach for women in business who are feeling stuck and frustrated. She helps them get the specific clarity they need to easily implement money making activities for their business.

Rosanna works with heart centered, ambitious and purpose driven women, who are determined to make a positive difference in the lives of others, while honoring their own true desires. Her background in entrepreneurship, life coaching and holistic healing have led to her true calling, teaching women how to use their expertise and experience to create and launch their own businesses, without burnout.

She is passionate about helping women tap into their ultimate purpose, and identify the abundance of opportunities to earn an income doing what they love, while fulfilling their call to help others.

Rosanna loves being able to work remotely so she can spend much desired time with her kids as a new soccer mom and volunteer on the school parent council. 

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